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Tommie Aaron – The Baseball Story of Hank Aaron’s Younger Brother and Braves Teammate.

Today, we travel to Mobile, Alabama as we research out the little talked about, if not little known, younger Brother of Baseball Hall of Famer and legend Hank Aaron.

Tommie Aaron started his baseball career a few short years after his older Brother but at one point they became teammates for 7 seasons with the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves organizations. Tommie was involved in baseball for many years and accomplished several great and interesting historic feats including holding the major league record alongside his Brother for having the most home runs as siblings at 768.

While much of Tommie’s career was overshadowed by the huge success and grand accomplishments of Hank Aaron, let us not forget Tommie’s important part in Baseball that he enjoyed to the end.

Our presentation today covers his life, times, career, and shows you some of his early memorabilia used during his career in the big leagues.


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