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Company Mission Statement

What We Do:

Buy:  I buy interesting and unique high-quality items especially those whose owners have directly or indirectly preserved the item’s history or story of its origins or provenance. My specialty is vintage baseball and other sports memorabilia. Some of these items may include original photos, jerseys/uniforms, baseball bat, baseball, autographs, statues/bronzes, trophies/awards, personal items, etc. Other items of interest can include military items such as photos, weaponry, medals, uniforms, etc. Lastly, I’m interested in vintage guitars like Fender or Gibson (acoustic or electric).


Sell/Consign:  I sell items directly via my website or via Ebay. The items I sell have a rich history or interesting story behind them, many of which I researched out myself. I can also assist you in evaluating your individual items or your entire collection and help you in selling those items, via consignment, for the largest net profit to you at the best and most affordable premium possible.


How We Do It:

Research:  The joy of owning any historical relic or artifact is knowing its history – where it came from, who owned it last, who made it, how many exist, how old it is, etc. I have tremendous experience in research and investigation both from a professional and personal standpoint. I have personally owned, examined, and reviewed thousands of historic pieces, autographs, documents and other historic records. In conducting necessary research, I have collaborated and worked with many individuals from the corporate and private sectors to the government, including the White House. I also liaise with well-known and highly respected authenticators and graders in the memorabilia industry such as PSA/DNA (Professional Sports Authenticator) Authentication Service, JT Sports, JSA (James Spence Authentication, SGC (Sportcard Guaranty Corporation), and others. Over and above this, I am highly experienced in online research via the plethora of resources that arena offers. To that end, if you have an item and don’t quite know its history or origins, I can help you possibly discover a real treasure.


Find:  The greatest thing about collecting or investing in anything is the thrill of the hunt. I love flea markets, garage sales, antique shops, and auctions. I love anywhere where there is an opportunity to discover or barter over proverbial gold. Sometimes things take months or years to find. Other times, I’m at the right place at the right time. I love the thrill of the hunt. So, whether I’m searching for something for my own personal collection or retained to search out that scarce rarity you’re looking for, let the hunting begin.

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