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  • What types of items does H&R buy?
    Primarily vintage sports memorabilia and especially baseball from the 1900s to pre-1970s (games used, uniforms, bats, photos, baseballs, estate items, etc.). We're also interested other antiques like photos, radios, advertising items, presidential memorabilia, vintage guitars, military memorabilia, and anything with a unique story or historical significance.
  • Does H&R buy entire collections?
    Depending up the significance of the collection, H&R could make an offer. However, H&R is more interested in those singlular and one-off items that have a story to tell or other historical significance behind them. Most people tend to have only one or a few of those special items in their collections and it is those items we're interested in most.
  • How much do you charge for consigning items?
    Pricing for consigning is on a case by case basis and can be based upon the number of things you wish to sell through us or the value of singular items you may have. Nonetheless, we strive to be very competitive on our pricing and ultimately want to see you gain the most from any sale.
  • Can you assist me in researching my items?
    Yes. We would love to help you research out your items or discuss with you steps you may be able to undertake yourself. Contact us for a free initial consultation. We can briefly discuss your needs and our pricing should you wish to move forward.
  • What resources does H&R have or use in its research?
    The easy answer is - whatever it takes. We have a plethora of resources including access to public and some non-public information or records including some governmental records, online or website channels, to personal and professional contacts in many industries, fields, and interests. This combined with over 40 years of our own hobby interests inclusive of 30 years of being in professional research or investigative fields have bestowed upon a wealth of knowledge and the means necessary that help us to help you.
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