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The Wayne County Museum - Waynesboro, Tennessee, a Virtual Introduction.

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

The Wayne County Museum, a Virtual Introduction!

Hello and welcome to The Wayne County Museum. We’re happy to have you with us.

My name is John Heffner and I am an honorary board member of the Wayne County Museum located in Waynesboro, Tennessee.

Whether you live down the street or the other side of the globe, The Wayne County Museum has something for everyone.

You’ll see some artifacts from artists whose contributions ties to the roots of country music and helped make Nashville what it is today.

You’ll also learn of local heroes who made the ultimate war time sacrifices from the civil war to the greatest generation of world war 2, to Korea, to Vietnam, to the war in Afghanistan.

So, I invite you to come experience and learn what all the museum has to offer.

Please visit us virtually at:

Our site address is:

104 S. Public Square

Waynesboro, TN 38485

Please also be sure to catch the latest Blog article spotlighting the Museum presented by CMM Consulting Services, LLC. at:

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