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In the Spotlight ~ Wayne County Museum, Tennessee

By Christine Meador of CMM Consulting Services, LLC.

This Blog highlights a perfect example of how a website can help your business reach new levels! Our focus today is on a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

The Wayne County Museum is a nonprofit located in Waynesboro, Tennessee. This small nonprofit has a big story to tell. The organization mission is focused on sharing the amazing “musical history and musician talent” which originated from Waynesboro County and the state of Tennessee.

As with many businesses, the current situation with Covid prevents this small museum from opening to the public. That is why recent efforts from the company History and Relics, LLC literally changed their story. (

In a recent highlight from John Heffner, the owner of History and Relics, LLC, the Wayne County Museum had the opportunity to participate in a 2-part series of documentaries focused on the museum, which now allows their story to be heard. It was the start of a new idea, and a way for Wayne County Museum, Tennessee, to move into new ventures and open the door to new fundraising opportunities.

One of these new ventures was to develop a website for the nonprofit. CMM Consulting Services, LLC had the pleasure of working with the Board Chair and Officer, Mr. Steve Collie of The Wayne County Museum, to create a website tailored to deliver the genuine historical overview of the museum. In addition, this would allow for virtual events, fundraising opportunities, and online donations. Mr. Collie is pleased with the results which will share highlights of the museum on a platform that is now available to the world.

As a result of the 2-part documentary videos, Wayne County Museum will be hosting a March Movie Virtual Fundraiser. Check out the new website and register to view the videos which give a voice to musicians from the past.

Click on the below link to see the new website and RSVP to be on the list for the March Movie Virtual Fundraiser.

CMM Consulting Services, LLC.

For nonprofit management services, website, and development work, contact Christine at: www.cmmconsultingservices

For individuals interested in historical research, documentaries and other memorabilia, visit

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