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Ernie Lombardi, The Life of a Baseball Hall of Famer and Suicide Survivor.

The Baseball Hall of Fame has 339 elected members. Of these, did you know that only 19 were catchers? On today’s episode of History and Relics, we’re featuring Ernie Lombardi.

We’ll be showcasing a pair of relics that were once owned by Lombardi - namely his silver Lifetime Pass given to him sometime between 1941-1947 as part of a recognition program started by National League President Ford Frick and American League President William Harridge. We will also share with you details of his hall of fame career and reveal a darker segment of his life when Ernie attempted suicide.

Lastly, we have a special guest speaker today, Jim Ford, who is a suicide prevention advocate out of Marietta, GA and is a volunteer with the Crisis Text Line and the American Foundation for Suicide (AFSP).

So, keep it right here, this will surely be an episode you won’t want to miss – right here on History and Relics.


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