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A Visit To The Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, and the Fair Lane Mansion & Estate.

Today our travels take us to The Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, and Ford's home - Fair Lane in Dearborn, Michigan.

Next to the Smithsonian, you will not find a better museum on the planet that offers such a robust amount of history and significant artifacts as The Henry Ford Museum.

Relics from the earliest days of the United States' industrial revolution to current day are preserved here for all to see and learn from. Additionally, Henry Ford foreseen the importance of things that were going on around him and made sure to capture and preserve those items for future generations.

You will see Greenfield Village which was created by Ford who moved or had reconstructed homes and businesses of important historical figures like Poet Robert Frost's home, Wilbur and Orville Wright Bicycle shop, Menlo Park where Thomas Edison made inventive history with electricity and recordings and so much more.

Then you'll see vehicles from some of the greatest and most memorable Presidents of the United States including John F. Kennedy's car that he was assassinated in in 1963 and President Reagan's car that he was using in 1981 upon his assassination attempt. From there, you'll see the Rosa Parks bus that made history in 1955 that positively moved and changed the culture of generations since. Surrounding all these are vehicles from the earliest days of transportation to airplanes such as Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis to locomotives that are larger than most homes and everything in between.

Lastly, we'll take a quick tour around the outside of Henry Ford's home and gardens, Fair Lane. An amazing estate loaded with history and beautiful views and flower gardens.

There is so much to do and see at The Henry Ford Museum. It's an amazing and breathtaking experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Please come along and watch this video and enjoy!


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