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USS Akron & USS Macon, Once The World’s Largest Airships Zeppelins Made by Goodyear

On this week’s episode, we’ll talking about two of world’s once largest airships ever built – the USS Akron and USS Macon – which were built in the early 1930’s primarily as aircraft carriers and for military reconnaissance. Now, the United States had no interest in zeppelins until allies captured the German Zeppelin L-49 towards the end of WWI. With an allied victory, it was agreed that Germany would build the U.S. an airship and allow the U.S. Navy to use the same plans to build one of its own which it did by 1923 called the USS Shenandoah ZR-1. The U.S. Military later commissioned the Akron Class of airships in 1926 and by 1928 the Goodyear-Zeppelin company was awarded the contract in a joint effort with Germany’s Luftschiffbau Zeppelin company in order to utilize its technology.

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