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Ray Chapman Only MLB Baseball Player Killed by a Pitched Ball. 1891-2021 marks his 130th Birthday.

Raymond Johnson Chapman, born January 15, 1891 played with the Cleveland Indians as a Shortstop from 1912 until his tragic death on August 17, 1920 when he was hit by a ball pitched the day before by Carl Mays of the New York Yankees. Ray is the only MLB (Major League Baseball) player in history to be killed by a pitched baseball.

January 15th marks his 130th birthday. In this video, we visit with Ray at Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio and also visit his Wife and Daughter at their gravesites at Calvary Cemetery that’s also in Cleveland.

Please join us as we talk about Ray’s life, share with you some relics of his day, and describe for you the events that led up to his tragic death.

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