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National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Visit and Tour

On this week’s episode, we’re in Cooperstown, NY to experience the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Visiting this historic location has been a dream of ours for years and today – we’re here and want to bring you along with us to check out the pinnacle of baseball history and memorabilia!

Whether you love baseball from its yesteryear when Honus Wagner, Cy Young, and Babe Ruth, once played or remember seeing Mickey Mantle or Hank Aaron at bat or have witnessed players like Derek Jeter and David Ortiz play out a superb career and be fortunate enough to join their forefathers here, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and museum is the ultimate shrine to those who made the game of baseball what it is today.

And we’re here for the first time to experience it for ourselves. So, come along there is a ton of awesome stuff to see. We won’t have a lot of commentary today, but the awe-inspiring visuals will more than make up for it. If there is something you want to read or get a better glimpse of, just pause the video to take it all it. Alright, follow us and let the fun begin. Right here on History and Relics.


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