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Joseph Reid Gas Engine Type A: History and Instructional Operating Demonstration

Did you know that the first commercial oil well specifically designed to produce oil was built right here in the United States? Now, we’re not talking about it being in Texas, Oklahoma, or even Alaska but rather the birthplace of the American Oil Industry is in Northwestern, PA in the city of Titusville.

And just 15 miles south of that in Oil City is where one of, if not the best, gas-powered engines were produced that revolutionized the industry. And who was the master machinist that improved upon existing patents and designs to produce this engine? Joseph Reid.

And today, we’re providing you with a brief history lesson about Joseph Reid and how his engine came to be followed by an exclusive hands-on operating demonstration of a circa 1926 Reid “Type A” engine owned by two collectors and restorers from Bristolville, Ohio.

So, stick around, there is lots of show and tell and opportunities for you to participate and/or provide your input and feedback on this Episode of History and Relics.


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