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History and Relics LLC YouTube Channel Update, New Logo Preview, and Big Thank You to YOU!

Today is a good day to pause and provide you with a channel update, share with you some news and highlights, and to specially to thank you and everyone who has helped the channel – History and Relics grow.

I must stop and thank each and every one of you! the viewers, subscribers, the followers, fans and contributors for your commitment and dedication to my channel. Without you, and you sharing with others, and everyone liking my videos and telling even more people, well History and Relics would not be where it’s at today without you. History and Relics now has over 210 YouTube subscribers and over 525 followers on Facebook.

That’s quite an accomplishment in my opinion especially considering the short amount of time we’ve been on YouTube and Facebook and given our unique platform and content. But we’re not done. We want to grow even more – by thousands even! So, be sure to tell your friends and family about us and tell them to Like, Share, Ring that notification bell, and subscribe to our YouTube channel today.

Thanks again everyone for everything – you’re all awesome! Each and every one of you. Thank you for being part of History and Relics. I’m John Heffner and until next time, this one is History!


If you like our content, we ask that subscribe to our channel, like, and share with others. You may also leave a comment or question and we will respond as soon as possible.

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Every subscriber and tipster are very important to us and helps us to grow our channel and

produce even greater content.

Thank you for watching! Enjoy!

History and Relics LLC

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