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"Dud" Branom, The Millionaire First Baseman to Oklahoma Sheriff

Have you heard the Phrase – a one-hit-wonder? Typically, it ties to a musician or band who had smash hit on the Billboard chart only to never have another hit in their career. However, that phrase can cross-over into other arenas as well – including Major League Baseball.

And today, we’re featuring just that – a player by the name of Dud Branom who made it to the Major Leagues only to play 1 season in 1927 with the Philadelphia Athletics who had, at the time, 8 future Hall of Famers on its roster including Ty Cobb, Jimmie Foxx, and the team’s owner/manager – Connie Mack.

We’re going to tell you a little about Dud Branom; how is stint in the Majors came about before he became a sheriff in Oklahoma - and share with you a fantastic relic – his game used baseball bat from 1927. So, keep it right here, you won’t want to miss this exiting episode of History and Relics.


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